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Government and Private Manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors and Companies Dealing in these Products Category:

Internal Security and Policing

Policing Knife | Binoculars | Visual, audio police cab transmission | Sirens and Lights | Mics and Micro phones | Surveillance device | Tracking device | RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System | Airport police equipment | Seaport police equipments | Monitors and CCTV and their integrator and Installer and many more.

Emergency, Disaster & Rescue Management

Emergency Light, Hazard Warning Lights, Public Address System, Airfield Vehicles, Ambulances, Avionics, Batteries and Chargers, Breathing Apparatus ,Confined-Space Rescue Equipments, Emergency Alarm ,Equipment/Accessories for Ambulance & Specialty Vehicles Evacuation Systems, Extrication Equipment and Tools, First Aid & Medical Equipment and Services


Amphibious Systems, Air & Maritime Surveillance Systems, Ballistics and other bullet proof solutions, CBRNE Defense Systems, Civil Defense Equipment & Systems, Counter Terrorism & Internal State Security Systems, Command, Control & Communications Systems, Land, Air and Sea Defense and Surveillance Systems, Border Surveillance Systems, Forces Equipment and Tactical Gears, Safety, Survival & Rescue Systems, Training & Simulation, Unmanned Vehicles – UAVs, USVs, UUVs, Drones and RPVs. Etc.

Arms & Ammunitions

Forensic & Investigation Technology

Forensic Lab Equipments and Technologies | Investigation Equipments

Border Control

Airport Security, Coastal Security, Infrastructure Security, Perimeter Protection, Border Surveillance.

Surveillance & Tracking System

Air Space Surveillance, Airport Surveillance, Location and Tracking Equipment, Maritime Surveillance, RFID, Road Traffic Surveillance, Vehicle Tracking, Video Surveillance.

Traffic Systems/Transport Security

Arrow boards, Barricades, Poles, Road Blockers, Speed Gun, Street Lights, Traffic Control Tools, Traffic Management System, Traffic Safety Management, Traffic Signal Equipment, Traffic Signs, Trailers.

Communication, IT and Cyber safety

GPS | Access Control System | Surveillance system | Community Radio | CCTV Integration | Video and Audio transmission | Magnetic Senor | Crime and Criminal Tracking System | Narcotic Detection System | Frequency Scanners | Voice Loggers | Bomb Detection System | Direction Finder | VHF mobile Jammers | Explosive Vapor Detectors | GIS Mapping | IED Jammers | CCTV | IP Cameras | Thermal Security Cameras | Eight Zone Security and fire control panel | X-ray presence Machine | Human Presence Detector | Life Detector | Lock Opening Tools | Mobile Diving and Under Diving System | Sub Sea Rescue System | Under Water Detector | Communication Software | Wireless Equipment | E- Commerce Automated Finger prints identification System | IVS Systems | Network Video and Audio server/Decoder | Alarm Management System | Telecom Analysis System | Signal Jammer | Signal detector and Hacking system | Forensic DNA Equipment | Radar | Lie Detector | Note bundling Machine | Panic Switch | Office Automation System | Cash Van

Access Control

Biometric Identification, CCTV, Door Control Hardware, Integrated Access Control System, Intruder and Burglary Alarm Equipment, Mechanical

Fire Fighting

Equipment and Appliances for Fire Fighting Vehicles, Fire Doors, Explosion, Suppression Systems, Fire Engines, Fire Doors, Foam Equipments, Fire Blanket, Fire Extinguishers Fire Protection etc.

Occupational Safety & Security

Welfare Sports & Healthcare

Energy Nutrition | Gym Machine | Energy Supplements | MediKit | Life Detector | Breathing Apparatuses | Medicines Supply center | Cardiac Drug Pack | Oxy Pack Plus | Pouch Board | Centre Board Paramedic Rapid Response | Psychological Test Instrument | Skin Temperature Sensor | Health care Institute | Food and Vegitables Suppliers | Veterinary Doctor and Institutes for police Dogs and Horses | Sports goods and Services | Medals | Awards | Training Coaches | Housing Agencies | Retirement plans and welfare schemes and Insurance companies | Publishers (Magazine, Journals, Book) etc. and many more.