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New technology to fight crime in Crimea in Victoria

Date: 23-10-18

Victoria Police will be able to solve cases faster with new technology to speed up DNA analysis to just hours rather than days.

Crimes could be solved faster with new technology in Victoria Police's hands to reveal DNA within hours not days.

Robotic instruments will take DNA from a sample, put it into a tube, conduct a process to purify it and create a profile to be uploaded into a national database, police announced on Sunday.

The technology will free up forensic officers, who have been manually doing the tasks, to spend more time using their expertise on the investigation.

"DNA is an important tool in police investigations, and the new specialist instruments will bolster our ability to quickly and accurately process evidence and solve crime," Victoria Police executive director of forensic services John Doherty said.

"The quicker police are able to identify offenders and patterns of behaviour, the sooner we can put criminals before the courts and prevent further offences from occurring."

About 30 forensic officers will be trained to use the technology by the end of the year.

The instruments were funded as part of a state government package.

Source: www.sbs.com.