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Police take the tech route for security of VVIPs

Date: 20-03-18

Strict vigil:DCP K. Fakkeerappa explaining the functioning of the app that is used to track the movement of VVIPs at the CII Partnership Summit, on Sunday.K.R. DEEPAK  

Partnership summit venue brought under CCTV network

For quite some time now, the city police has been focussing on technology to better the policing. Taking an innovative step in that direction, the police have upgraded the technology to increase the security ring around the VVIPs, including important delegates from the industry and foreign countries at the ongoing three-day CII Partnership Summit and Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Investment Meet.

Apart from bringing the entire venue under the CCTV network, the police have designed an Android app to monitor the movement of VVIPs, important delegates and those who have threat perceptions, real time. According to DCP (Law and Order) K. Fakkeerappa, in total 82 cameras have been installed at the venue and is being monitored by a special tech team at the Command Control Centre (CCC) set up at the venue.

The mobile app is loaded into phones or tabs given to the personal security officers assigned to VVIPs and important delegates and protectees.

“From the CCC we can track the movement of the personal security officers (PSOs) and once we click the icon on the big screen, we can get all the details such as present location, the name of the PSO, the names of the liaison officers assigned to the protectees, vehicle number and phone number of the driver and the liaison officers,” said Mr. Fakkeerappa. As of now about 50 such tabs have been issued and if the icon on the big screen is red then it indicates that the person is static at the venue and if it is green then the protectee is on the move.


“The new app gives us the leverage to plan things in advance and increase the security ring,” said the DCP.

Explaining the efficacies, he said, “If the VVIP intends to visit a tourist spot or some office, we can monitor the movement, clear the traffic and alert the mobile beats on route. We can also increase the security at the place where the VVIP or a delegate intends to visit.”


“Last year, the city police used GPS-enabled vehicles to track the movement. And this year we graduated to the Android personal app. Innovation is the key and technology will play a key role in security, surveillance and crime detection in the coming years,” said Mr. Fakkeerappa.


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