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Vast market open for body cameras in India

Date: 31-01-18

Last month, a passenger charged towards a security personnel after being asked to remove his shoes. Moments later, his aggressiveness subdued as he noticed a wearable camera on the body of the security personnel recording his movement.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) had got six body-worn cameras for trial run at Delhi and Mumbai airport and it has helped them in reducing the cases of arguments with passengers.

The trial run has been completed successfully and the CISF has now ordered for 500 body-worn cameras, which will be given to the security personnel at 59 airports across the country.

“The feedback of body-worn cameras was very positive and, by and large, it helped in reducing the complaints arising from public interface in places like departure entry gates at airports. With the latest technologies, we are trying various equipment for better security and safe movement of passengers at airports,” said OP Singh, CISF’s director general.

A CISF officer said that request for 494 additional body-worn cameras, to be used in 59 airports under CISF, has been sent.

“It is a video recording system to record events in which police officers are involved. They are typically worn on the torso of the body. Six cameras were issued, of which three each were given to Delhi and Mumbai airport to conduct the trial run,” the officer said.

However, CISF has found some problems with the high definition cameras and has asked the manufacturer to rectify it.

“The recordings of high definition cameras require large storage capacity. Also, the recording can’t be played or viewed in any video software except on its own software provided by the company. Charging time of the equipment is six to eight hours, which is too much. We have conveyed this to the company and the cameras we are procuring will not have these problems,” the officer said.

Similar cameras have been given to some CISF personnel posted at Delhi Metro.

“The equipment serves the primary requirement of generating good quality audio-video output without causing any hindrance in the normal discharge of duties. The equipment is compact/lightweight, simple to handle along with a provision for data security and downloading. It will help the CISF personnel while performing duties that involve regular interaction with large number of general public and also high-profile dignitaries,” a CISF officer, posted with Delhi Metro said.

Source : hindustantimes.com