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Now that's HIGH TECH! Delhi Police to buy 1,000 'state of the art' body cameras... but are they subtle enough to catch India's crafty criminals?

Date: 08-01-18

Delhi Police will soon be equipped with body cameras to record their movements and help maintain order in areas struggling with a shortage of CCTV cameras.

The force has been planning to invest in body cameras for a number of years and recently the Delhi Commission for Women also asked law enforcement officers to start using cameras.

A senior official told Mail Today that recently DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal wrote to Delhi Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik suggesting that officers on duty wear body cameras.

The commission also said that the money needed for this pilot project should be taken from the Nirbhaya Fund. According to sources, Delhi Police are planning to buy at least 1,000 of these state of the art body cameras, and more will be ordered as per the need.

The cameras are attached by a long pole and a harness to the uniform of the officer and will record the movements of said officer for the duration of their patrol.

No information is yet available on whether or not the new technology will affect the officer's mobility and their ability to give pursuit and fight crime. The cameras will need to be lowered each time the officer enters and exits a building.

'After these cameras are bought, initially these cameras will be issued to the cops deployed at the outskirts of the national Capital.

'As per the crime analysis report, the movement of criminals is higher in the outskirts area.

'Also, the gangs active in the city has movements in the border areas,' said a senior officer. These gadgets are going to be high-end cameras with night vision.

The predicted cost of these top of the range cameras will be $200 to $500 (approx. Rs 13,000 - Rs 30,000) depending upon the resolution and operation.

Another senior officer claimed that the motive behind using the body cameras is to maintain a tight vigil in the sensitive areas and the crime prone area.

The officer said the Delhi government has not installed adequate number of CCTV cameras in the city and there is an utter need of monitoring and recording the events for the security purposes.

However, as per the women's commission, these body cameras must also be used to reduce cases of police misconduct.


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