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Traffic monitoring to go hi-tech this year

Date: 07-01-19

GURUGRAM: The police and the administration will have advanced technology to aid their public safety and traffic management system as the GMDA’s ambitious CCTV camera project will start in six months’ time. The project — Public Safety and Adaptive Traffic Management System — will begin with the installation of CCTV cameras at 220 intersections in the first phase. Another 140 junctions will be covered subsequently.

Officials said the CCTV cameras will be connected to the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) with the help of optical fibre network. There will be nine monitoring stations — the ICCC and eight police stations. The new surveillance system is expected to not only help the police track down errant vehicles and monitor the city’s traffic, but also act as a deterrent for anti-socials and criminals.

“We had invited bids in November for the first leg of the project. Once the bids come in, we will assess the proposals and designate the agency for the implementation of the project,” said a senior GMDA official. “The agency will be required to execute the project in three stages — pre-implementation, implementation and post-implementation phases,” he added.


In the pre-implementation phase, the agency has to survey the junctions, set the layout and the monitoring facility at the intersections and police stations. A preliminary survey has already been done by GMDA where it has made detailed drawings of all the junctions and identified the number and category of cameras required there.

“The number and type of cameras to be deployed at the junctions have been decided depending upon the required input from that junction,” said the official. For instance at Rajiv Chowk, six cameras will be installed, of which four will be for general surveillance and two pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ) cameras which can track the movement of a car or a person. “This will help the cops in traffic management as well as tracking suspicious persons and vehicles,” he added.

In the implementation phase, the agency will install the cameras, the software and hardware, and the post-implementation phase will include deployment of manpower, monitoring the feed from the cameras and other technical support. The agency will also be responsible for operation and maintenance of the CCTV network.

Officials said the feed from these CCTV cameras will be put into various analytics software such as facial recognition, speed violation detection system, e-challans, automatic number plate recognition system and red light violation detection system, and the output will be used by GMDA, Gurgaon police and other government agencies. “It can also be used for tracking the movement of a wanted criminal in the city or speeding violations or even spotting potholes,” the GMDA official said.

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